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When to Email/Mail

Here you can choose when you want us to send your gift. You can choose up to the next 60 days. Just click on the drop down box and highlight the date you want it sent. We'll handle the rest.


The date you select is the date we will process and mail the gift on (excluding weekends and holidays). Orders placed on weekends or holidays will be processed the next business day. Delivery time depends on the 'Shipping' method selected. Shipping Rates and estimated delivery times are listed below.


Email deliveries will be sent upon order completion if date listed 'Today' is selected. Email deliveries set for future days will be sent at 3:00 AM CST on the date requested.

Physical Mail

Physical Mail orders requests will be fulfilled and mailed on the same date ordered if 'Today' is selected and ordered before 2 PM CST. If placed after 2 PM CST, order will be fulfilled and mailed the following business day. One business day should be added to the delivery times listed below for physical mail orders placed after 2 PM CST.

Shipping Rates

  • Email: Free
  • US Mail: Included
  • US Priority: $8.99
  • Fedex (2 day): $34.95

Delivery Times *

  • Email: emailed on date requested
  • US Mail: 6-13 business days
  • US Priority Mail: 2-4 business days
  • FedEx 2 Day: 2 business days

* QuickGifts and the merchant will not be responsible for delayed shipments caused by the courier

If you have questions or would like further assistance, please contact QuickGifts Customer Support. Email us at or call 800.440.2065.